Gay Live Porn
Gay Live Porn
Posted By Admin on 02/22/19

I was chatting online with this rather sweet guy. He was telling me how he’d love to meet me in person and should we click we might end up doing a bit more than just saying hello. It’s been a little while since I’d felt wanted and I really did want to make a good impression with him. I wanted him to see that I wasn’t just the guy for him, I was the only one that he needed.

His exposedwebcam ass was staring back at me and all it was saying was please come and stick your cock inside me. It wanted to eat every inch of my cock up and I wasn’t going to do a darn thing to stop it. I was just going to seize the moment and let myself enjoy whatever it was to come next.

I feel there is almost zero point in not going for something when it’s right before your very eyes. You want to reach out and grab it with both hands and you also want to make the most of it. I can’t wait to see what else this smooth hunk has in store for me, maybe he will be the one that finally begs for more!

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